Introducing a BREAKTHROUGH in Email Broadcasting 
Ripplemail Mass Mailer - Proven Results


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Ripplemail Highlights
  • Easily Send Broadcast Messages to your Group
  • Save Money and Time
  • Maintain Your Email List Online
  • No Software to Install
  • No Hardware to Purchase
Total Web-Based Software

Welcome To A New Tradition In Broadcast Messaging

The Solution:
Ripplemail is an innovation best defined as a highly-effective, web-based utility to serve your broadcast email needs.

Isn't This SPAM?:
Definitely Not! Ripplemail is not about sending millions of non-targetted, unsolicited, undesired messages to consumers who will filter or delete them as fast as they come in. This exciting new software has nothing to do with participating in the nuisance SPAM email industry. Your email lists must be legitimate. They will be subject to review to confirm that all recipients meet basic non-SPAM criteria. Here are examples of acceptable list origins:
  1. by virtue of membership to your association or organization; in this case, recipients will likely be due-paying members of your association
  2. by visitors to your site who voluntarily "opt in" to your mailing list and who really can "opt-out" at any time
  3. by way of specific targetted (i.e. small scale) marketing to businesses who have made their email address available through Chambers of Commerce, Business Directories, etc. (marketing to such groups requires a pitch that is specific to their needs)
  4. by consequence of being employed by your company; in this case, memos can be sent in a controlled manner to all employees or to select management levels, etc. (the control is in your hands)

Silver Version:
The Silver Package consists of:
  1. Mailer Database Licence
  2. Tie-In To Your Website
  3. Mail-Out Engine Licence
  4. Utility For Sending Broadcast Messages (to segments or to your whole group)
  5. On-Demand Reports (sort records by City, State/Province, Date, Email, Last Name)
  6. Utility For Deleting A Record From the Database
  7. Utility For Adding A Record To The Database
  8. Utility For Exporting Your Database For Use In MS Access or MS Excel from the Web
  9. Monthly Hosting Of The Database
  10. Password Protected Web-Based Management Of The Database
  11. Full Customer Support
  12. Minimum One-Year Contract
Setup Fee: varies per client needs. Contact Us for details
Licensing Fee: $95 / month

Other Terms & Conditions Apply. Please email or call for more details.

If required, or desired, customizations are available to:
  1. tie your Ripplemail database to an existing or new web form (i.e. a product request, contact or survey form)
  2. tie your Ripplemail database to an online contest at your website
  3. provide separate management of an internal intranet employee recipient list and an external customer list
  4. add additional reports to the reporting engine
  5. measure the success of your broadcast campaigns using our sister product: Merlin Metrics
  6. accomplish just about anything - try us with your idea!

Take Action Now! Please call toll-free 1-866-848-7778 or Email Us Now

Client Testimonial

We use Ripplemail to send our monthly specials newsletter to thousands of our customers. We have found the mailers to be an effective tool in reaching our subscriber list.

- Stephanie B.
Online Marketing Manager
Embassy Suites Hotel

Client Testimonial

Ripplemail is our primary way of communicating with our 500(+) member association of hospitality providers throughout Niagara. It is easy to use and inexpensive. It is one of the many online services we subscribe to from ACTION Corporation.

- Anna D.
Niagara Falls Tourism (VCB)

We don't want to revolutionize the internet.
We just want to make life online a little easier for you.